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ISIS in Saudi Calls for Killing Shiites

Saudis hold funeral for victim of Eastern Province bomb attack

 Site of a suicide bombing that targeted the Shiite Al-Anoud mosque in the coastal city of Dammam on May 29, 2015. The ISIS Terrorist group claimed the suicide bombing that killed at least three people, the second attack on Shiite worshippers in the kingdom in a week. AFP

An “Islamic State” affiliated group in Saudi Arabia has urged more attacks against Shiites, after ISIS claimed two bomb attacks on mosques in the kingdom.

An ISIS suicide bomber on Friday blew himself up at the entrance of a mosque in Eastern Province, killing three people, exactly seven days after the terrorist group attacked another mosque in the oil-rich region.

The so-called “Najd Province”, which claimed both bombings, defended attacks on Shiites and said they should be "killed everywhere", in an audio message posted online late Friday.

“The Islamic State has ordered its soldiers everywhere to kill the enemies of religion, especially the Rawafedh (Shiites)," a spokesman for the group is heard as saying in the audio message.

Shiites are "apostates" and "it is our duty to kill and displace them... wherever they may be," added the unidentified speaker.

3 people were killed and four others also wounded in Friday's attack in the city of Dammam, which coincided with weekly prayers.

The attack sparked wide condemnation.

People in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia have held a funeral to mourn a victim of the May 22 terrorist attack who succumbed to injuries he sustained in the bombing.

Mourners came out in Tarout Island in the kingdom’s Qatif region on Saturday to mourn the 22nd fatality of the bomb attack.

The Takfiri ISIL terrorist group claimed responsibility for the bombing at Imam Ali mosque of Qudaih village. The bomber reportedly blew himself up in the mosque as more than 150 people had gathered for Friday prayers.

Following the bombing, a large number of people took to the streets in Qatif to denounce the terrorist attack. The protesters also chanted slogans to show their anger at Saudi officials over the deadly blast.

A similar attack on May 29 killed three people in the town of Dammam, the capital of Eastern Province. The bomb went off outside a Shia mosque during Friday prayers.

Saudi Arabia has long been accused of supporting terrorist organizations such as the Takfiri ISIL group in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere as claimed by the governments in Damascus and Baghdad.

Riyadh is under fire for its unwillingness to protect the rights of minorities in the kingdom


This photo released by activists on May 30, 2015, shows the portrait of a victim who died after sustaining injuries in the May 22 bomb attack in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.