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Hezbollah: Arrest of Sheikh Salman Disregards Feelings of Free People in World


Hezbollah denounced the serious action taken by the Bahraini regime authorities of arresting the Secretary General of Al-Wefaq Islamic Association, Sheikh Ali Salman, demanding the government to release him immediately.

In a statement on Monday, Hezbollah noted that the arrest of the scholar who strives for the sake of the Bahrainis' freedom is an arbitrary decision and a flagrant action

"This action abuses the Bahrainis who rose to seek their legitimate rights in the context of a political path that abides by the international laws."

Hezbollah pointed out that the Bahraini authorities' step disregarded the feelings of the free in Bahrain and the world and stressed the continuation of the regime to express its anger and annoyance due to the wide public boycott, led by al-Wefaq, for the mock elections this month.

The party added that the step also reflected the Bahraini regime's annoyance from the massive elections organized by al-Wefaq which re-elected Sheikh  Salman as its Secretary General.

Hezbollah demanded the Arab league, the United Nations and all the conscientious in the world to press the Bahraini regime undo its decision and to halt its escalations and repressive measures.

Hezbollah finally highlighted the importance of reaching a political solution which satisfies the aspirations of the Bahrainis and brings internal accordance.