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Iraqi Police Declare Total Killing of 402 ISIS Terrorists during Fallujah Operations

ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Orders Militants for Imminent Withdrawal from Iraq -

Iraqi Police Declare Total Killing of 402 ISIS Terrorists during Fallujah Operations

402 ISIS militants were killed since the start of Fallujah liberalization operations, the Federal Police Command announced on Friday. The Federal Police Command said, “The Federal Police forces managed to kill 402 ISIS fighters, including 41 snipers since the start of the liberation battles of Fallujah,” indicating that, “Five booby-trapped bulldozers and 23 vehicles carrying mono machine guns had been destroyed.” The statement added, “The security forces were able to destroy 61 vehicles and seven laboratories for manufacturing IEDs and booby-trapped vehicles, as well as detonating 604 explosive devices and dismantling ten booby-trapped buildings.” The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced in 23 May 2016, that the security forces had started military operations to liberate the city of Fallujah (62 km west of Baghdad), while emphasized that ISIS has no choice but to flee from the battle, IraqiNews reported. - See more at:

The Leader of the ISIS terrorists Abu bakr Al-Baghdadi has reportedly ordered his militants to withdraw from Iraq and move to some other countries. According to the president of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Ammar al-Hakim, the Iraqi forces have obtained a letter signed by Baghdadi which was supposed to be received by his men in Iraq. Hakim revealed that in the letter, Baghdadi orders the terrorists in Iraq to gradually withdraw from Iraq, and move to other countries. Hakim also urged the Iraqi government to prepare a prior plan for the post-ISIS era as the extremist group is realizing its failure in the country. “This is the beginning of the end of ISIS in Iraq,” he claimed. Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official, Wahid Bakozi, said last week that they have obtained a copy of ISIS leader Abu bakr Al-Baghdadi’s letter to the group’s commanders, ordering them to eventually withdraw to the major cities as “the people of Iraq and Syria do not deserve the sacrifices ISIS is making.” The Kurdish official pointed out that, according to Baghdadi’s letter, the terrorists are required to focus on Misrata city of Libya instead of continuing in the current situation of Iraq and Syria, ABNA reported. - See more at: