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Saudi-led Airstrike kills and injures 45 People at Displaced Camp in Yemen - See more at:


Saudi goals and motives of arms purchases

Saudi goals and motives of arms purchases
During the recent years Saudi Arabia has been among those Arab states which have purchased big amounts of weapons. Most of these weapons and ammunitions were bought from the US and part of them was gotten from Britain, France and other European countries.The purchase of 72 British Eurofighters, 52 Swiss BC 21 aircrafts, Chinese and American drones, 25 military transportation aircrafts worth 6 billion dollars, anti-armor Taw missiles worth 1.7 billion dollars, 69 M1A2 worth 132 million dollars were among the weaponry whose contracts were concluded by Saudi Arabia.

The noteworthy point is that the arms purchase by Saudi Arabia is being carried out while the country is facing with a 6% budget deficit for the year 2015. The Qatari daily Al-Sharq wrote that the reduction of oil prices has caused the Saudis face the worst budget deficit among the Persian Gulf Arab states for 2015. However, the regime in Riyadh continues buying arms despite economic woes. In February 2015, the Saudis bought quantities of weapons from France on the basis of an arms contract worth 3 billion dollars which had already been signed with Paris. This shipment of weapons included French armored vehicles, warships, fighter helicopters and various types of ammunitions and explosives.

The release of this news comes amid revelation of the western media of the Saudi military extravagance in 2014. It is said that the military expenditure of the Saudi regime is 2014 amounted to 81 billion dollars with a 21% growth compared to the year before.

The Stockholm research institute also wrote that the Saudi military budget has doubled for the past decade. Presently, The United States, China and Russia are the only three countries whose military budgets exceed that of the Saudi regime. Some of the news sources have announced that the arms purchase by Saudis is carried out to rescue the western arms-manufacturing companies and slaughter Muslims in the region.

Saudi Arabia has been one (if not the main financial and arms supporter) of the ISIL terrorist outfit for the past 4 years in Syria and Iraq.

Syrian envoy to the UN, Bashar Ja'fari has several times offered documents and evidences proving that Turkey and Saudi regimes have been providing terrorist groups in the country with weapons of mass destruction.

In addition to the Saudi complicity in the carnage of the Syrian civilians, the regime in Riyadh has used the western weapons against the defenceless people of Yemen for the past week. Scores of the Yemeni people have been killed by the Saudi jetfighters which have pounded their homes and hearths. Many of the murdered people were women and children. Such incidents disclose the reality of the purchase of western-made arms by the Al-Saud family.