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War on Yemen: Terror-mongers are at it again

War on Yemen: Terror-mongers are at it again
It’s a telling yarn that desperate men do desperate things at desperate times.
After losing the twin war in Iraq and Syria, the Persian Gulf Arab states (Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain, plus Egypt) have now decided to try their luck in Yemen. It doesn’t take a strategic mind to understand why and/or to predict what will happen next:

1. Under international law, the airstrikes amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, as the Saudi-led offensive has no international legitimacy. Last month, they proposed a resolution to the Security Council that failed to pass military action.

2. These are the same terror-mongers that unraveled Syria and Iraq – with a helping hand from terrorists - after getting the green light from Washington. There is no reason to think this time it is otherwise. According to the White House, the US is coordinating closely with its cronies in the military action, including providing intelligence and logistical support.

3. The US and its vassals are desperate to turn Yemen into yet another disaster zone, encouraging the fragmentation of the whole country. In the process, they aid and abet the growth of terror outfits in the hope “to stop the growing Iranian influence,” save Saudi oil, and reinstate their puppet regime – which was kicked out of the capital Sana’a earlier this year.

4. The war on Yemen will not be limited to Yemen. It will have serious implications for the region. It will ignite regional firestorm, bringing other nations directly into an escalating conflict. Like the Syria war, blowback is inevitable - with disastrous consequences for Riyadh too. In the interim, Al-Qaeda and ISIL look set to be the big winners. It’s an opening for extremists and they can easily take advantage of the chaos.
5. This is not a civil war or a strategic contest between Iran and Saudi Arabia for influence across the Middle East. Driven by local dynamics and the revolution, the spiraling violence reflects the contest over who will control the country and the oil, and who will preserve the status quo. One thing is for certain: The Military-Industrial Complex will not suffer and more weapons will flow into the region.

6. The Yemeni people have every right to defend their nation and they will do so under international law. They are also the ones that should be allowed to determine their own fate through dialogue – and not foreign interference.

7. Without question, the US and the Zionist regime of Israel are behind this new conflict. The edgy Saudis are free to claim the unnecessary assault has the US blessing. But they are wrong to assume they can escape consequences. The US-Israeli trap is destined to accelerate their downfall. It’s not like they sit in Riyadh and are immune from the violence themselves.

As is, the US-backed and Saudi-led campaign to unravel Yemen is foolish. To a large degree, the wide-scale bombing campaign is supposed to be the answer to all their shortcomings in the region. Quite the opposite, it will be a total failure - all over again.